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Miracle II Laundry Ball

Miracle II Laundry Ball

Product Information

Miracle II Laundry Ball


Miracle II Laundry Ball

Product Information

Miracle II Laundry Ball

Miracle II Laundry Ball :

This is no joke! A rubber ball filled with eloptically-energized Miracle II Soap. This laundry ball keeps on working to leave your clothes and linens clean, fresh, energized and free of chemical residuals.

Many suffer irritations or sensitivities that are caused by unidentified sources. In many cases the source is the residual detergents, fragrances, softening agents and chlorine remaining in clothes after washing and drying. Babies and adults that are allergic to all chemicals and soap can bathe with just The Miracle II Laundry Ball and water in the tub!

How does the Laundry Ball work?

Filled with Miracle II Soap and Neutralizer, 209 rounded spikes gently scrub and massage your clothes with loving care. The Miracle II Soap & Neutralizer emits a strong Negative-Ion Field and breaks up the water molecules so they can reach further into fabric and clean better. No liquid is released from inside the ball it's sealed and has a 3 year warranty. For soiled or stained clothes you may need to pre-treat & use 2 Tbl. of the original soap in the laundry.

Use the Laundry Ball as a Therapeutic Ball and massage your sore muscles.



Did You Know?

Do you know what many laundry detergents, herbicides, insecticides and nerve gas all have in common? They are all different forms of organo-phosphates. What will neutralize these deadly compounds? Miracle II Products!

Did you know that bleach is a strong oxidizing agent that will leave a residue in your clothes?

Did you know that peroxide will bleach your clothes without leaving a residue?

So what is the only product you can use that will clean your clothes, neutralize and remove residuals, and counter the health-robbing effects of synthetic fabrics? Miracle II Laundry Ball, Soap and Neutralizer. You need no other cleaning products when you use Miracle II products and the Miracle II Laundry Ball. You can do all your laundry for about $1.44 per month for the next 3 years. After 3 years, it's free! We don't know how long it will last -- maybe the rest of your life. Now that's a bargain! The laundry ball will normally outlast your washing machine!!

Washing your clothes this way is a miracle for the whole family, especially the ones with chemically-sensitive skin and allergies.


209 specifically-designed spikes gently scrub and massage your clothes while in your washing machine. Miracle II soap, eloptically energized.


Put the Laundry Ball in the washing machine when water starts to flow.

Additional Uses:

When the M-II Laundry Ball is not in the washer, you will find yourself wanting to squeeze it, pitch it from hand to hand, and roll it on your body. People roll the ball around on places that hurt and over the skin and under their feet to massage the 15 feet of blood vessels under each square inch of your skin. The pores of your skin and the millions of electrical cells that are in your body will benefit from this. Just roll the M-II Ball over your skin and scalp with a little Neutralizer Gel, and you will know that this is an awesome product. Have fun with this product.

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